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5. Flaubert-Lecture: Salammbô: Love, Gods, Wars, a modern epic prose

Vortrag von Jacques Neefs (Johns Hopkins University) mit anschließender Buchvorstellung

09.12.2010 um 18:15 Uhr

Salammbô, next to La Tentation de saint Antoine, is one of Flaubert’s books which even today is shrouded in strangeness. Portraying a very short and brutal episode of ancient history, the text radically displaces the art of narrative prose : It is « the real epic narration of modern times », writes Banville. Forging skillfully a story of brutish love, a broad, archaic and violent, mythological plot, and a martial political fight, Flaubert’s work analizes the limitless human capacity of violence. This unique narrative prose creates an uproar which gives voice to humankind’s miserable destiny – a destiny of war and sacrificial obsession, which reveals a fundamental conjunction between desire and death. The book thus invents a new form of beauty – violent and spectacular. This form of beauty was to have a great future also in other arts.


Buchvorstellung von Barbara Vinken und Cornelia Wild (LMU)

Arsen bis Zucker. Flaubert-Wörterbuch. Hg. Barbara Vinken und Cornelia Wild. Berlin: Merve 2010. Mit Beiträgen von Pierre-Marc de Biasi, Sara Danius, Shoshana Felman, Marc Föcking, Martin von Koppenfels, Thomas Meinecke, Avital Ronell, Maurice Samuels, Ulrike Sprenger, Ralph Ubl, Edi Zollinger u.a.

Donnerstag, 9.12.2010, 18.15 Uhr

Center for Advanced Studies, Seestr. 13

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